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Reducing stress

Reducing Stress with Hypnosis

Today is “Bring your dog to work day” and there have been many studies that show how interacting with an animal is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

Playing with an animal or petting an animal can decrease the levels of the stress hormone cortisol whilst increasing the levels of the ‘feel good’ hormone, oxytocin. Reducing stress levels stress can also have a beneficial effect on physical health. A 2001 study found pet-owning patients with high blood pressure were able to keep their blood pressure lower during periods of mental stress than those patients without pets.

If pet ownership is not possible, an alternative way of reducing stress is using with hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy, you can learn to cope with stress in a different way through relaxation.

For stress busting relaxation session with an experienced West Yorkshire hypnotherapist, contact Jill and book your appointment.

feeling stressed

Feeling Stressed?

Are you feeling stressed?

Are you one of the many people feeling stressed and under pressure at the moment? Can you remember when you last felt truly relaxed? The pace of modern living, long hours spent at work with deadlines frequently looming all adds to our everyday stresses and pressures. There are times when it can all feel overwhelming, becoming trapped in a cycle of stress. With hypnotherapy, you can let go of your tension and stress and feel relaxed.

Do you like to feel relaxed, sleep well at night? Hypnotherapy could help you to learn new ways of relaxing and managing the pressure of life or provide you with a time of stress free relaxation. With clients reporting “feeling wonderful” and “blissed” after a hypnotherapy session.

We can taking time out to get a manicure or for a gym session, so it makes perfect sense for you to make time for your emotional well being when you’re feeling stressed or under pressure.

Contact Jill to book an appointment and allow yourself to be deeply relaxed with hypnosis by an experience hypnotherapist in West Yorkshire.

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Hypnosis for Self Confidence

fear-of-flyingHypnosis for self confidence can help to improve your sense of self worth.

Your self esteem and self confidence can be shattered by the words, actions, opinions of other people. As much as we might try, we generally have no control over the words and actions of others, we do have the ability to change how we react to kind or hurtful comments. Our self esteem is large influenced by others, when repeatedly told that we’re “no good”, “a failure”, over time this can erode our self esteem. Our own sense of self worth is how we value ourselves, it is not dependent on the opinions or values of others.

We cannot change other people but we can change how we react.  How often do we hang on to hurtful remarks, repeating them to others and to ourselves? Hypnosis for confidence is a gentle means of letting go of past ‘wrongs’, letting go of emotional baggage and moving forward with life, creating a balanced sense of self worth.

If you have self esteem issues and would like to make a positive change to your life, contact Jill on 07866089909.


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Today is “Bring your dog to work day” and there have been many studies that show how interacting with an animal …

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