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Hypnotherapy for phobias – what are you afraid of?

Hypnotherapy for phobiasHypnotherapy for phobias

Hypnosis for phobias – hypnosis can help.

Do you suffer from a phobia? Are you one of those people who feels panicky and unwell when you think about a particular thing, activity or place?

What are you avoiding doing and does a phobia restrict your enjoyment of your life?

Fear is a perfectly normal human reaction that has helped us to evolve and avoid danger. Sometimes our fear reaction can become distorted and no longer be helpful to us.

Are fear and avoidance of your phobias ruling your life? Face your fears in a safe way with hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for phobias is a safe way to address and treat your fears so that you can live your life more fully.

What are you afraid of and how does this fear affect your life?

To see how hypnosis can help overcome your phobia visit my website



hypnosis for birth

Good news for women undergoing IVF

Just read an interesting article in the New Scientist about a new IVF technique which is gentler on the female reproductive system. Stimulation of the ovaries is usually done by injection of human chorionic gonadotrpin (hCG) but researchers are testing whether another hormone called kisspeptin could be effective but with minimal side effects. The first baby using this hormone was born at the end of April.

Good news for women undergoing IVF!

The whole process of an IVF cycle can be extremely stressful and hypnotherapy can help to reduce stress levels during the whole of the IVF cycle.

Hypnotherapy can help with IVF to reduce and manage anxiety throughout the whole cycle and during pregnancy and birth.

West Yorkshire Hypnotherapist posts positive birth story

I have just submitted my own positive birth story about the lovely, calm birth of my son and the benefits of using hypnosis for birth and labour to tellmeagoodbirthstory. We hear lots of the birthing horror stories and so its good to be able to share a positive story and highlight the benefits of using self hypnosis during pregnancy and birthing.

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