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spider phobia hypnosis help

Spider Phobia Hypnosis

August and September are usually the months when large spiders are seen in our homes. For people with a fear of spiders or a spider phobia, this is a frightening and very unpleasant time. Have you ever run out of a room because you’ve seen a spider? Or refused to enter a room because of a spider? There is a solution to your fear of spiders. Hypnosis can help to reduce your fear of spiders.

Do you want to take back your control? Do you want to feel comfortable again in your home? Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your fear of spiders.

Contact Jill to book your appointment for hypnosis for spider phobia or use our online booking system.

fear of flying help

Hypnosis for fear of flying

Hypnosis for fear of flying can help you overcome your phobia of flying.

Many people have a fear of flying. A flying phobia can stop you from booking family holidays, limiting where and how you travel. Instead of looking forward to trips away, they’re filled with dread at the thought of flying. Rather than enjoying the holiday, thoughts of the return flight home dominate.

Hypnosis can help to reduce your flight anxiety and to cope with flying.

Imagine being free from your fear of flying, where in the world would you go? Free yourself from your fear of flying and open up your world.

Book your appointment online with West Yorkshire hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson for hypnosis for fear of flying.

hypnotherapy for change

Hypnotherapy for Change

Some people can struggle with their motivation, knowing what needs to change, without taking action doesn’t make it happen. Make the positive changes with hypnotherapy for change, get rid of those nagging negative behaviours and beliefs. Does it feel as though there is something holding you back?

Having self awareness of a particular issue, without making a change or taking action, is just self awareness of what might be holding a person back from living a more fulfilling life.

Hypnotherapy can help people who are struggling with their motivation to make the changes they want. Some people struggle with their food choices, eating sugary, processed foods which sabotages their efforts to lose weight.

Whether its wanting to eat a healthier diet or reinforcing positive lifestyle changes, hypnotherapy can help to change negative thoughts, behaviours and habits that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Do you want to free yourself from the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back, are you struggling to make the changes you want in your life? Make an appointment for positive change in your life with Jill Wilson, hypnotherapist based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire and book your hypnotherapy for change appointment with Jill online.

De-stress Mental Massage

De-stress with Mental Massage Relaxation

A hypnosis session can be used to unwind and de-stress, a mental massage for the mind just like a physical massage for the body. Sometimes, work pressure and stress cannot be avoided and are part and parcel of our working environment, so taking time out for ourselves can be helpful to manage and balance stressors, working out the mental knots.

We take care of our bodies, going to the gym, having a massage or facial, having our hair cut. Why not have a ‘mind massage’ to unwind and de-stress, letting go to feel wonderful and relaxed, a time just for you. Show yourself some self care and love with a hypnotic de-stress mental massage.

For those of you that struggle to have free time during the daytime, evening appointments and weekend appointments are available via our online booking system. When you feeling under pressure, restore your equilibrium with a relaxing hypnotic mind massage.


Sexual Freedom Appointment Booking Online

Back in the office after a full weekend of amazing training with Karen Riley, the founder of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis. Sexual Freedom Hypnosis which Karen Riley pioneered helps to deal with psychosexual issues in an open and non-judgemental way.

Sexual issues and sexual dysfunctions can arise from a number of areas and more than 60% have a psychological cause, you might have already seen your doctor and been assured that there is no physical issue. Sexual dysfunction affects both women and men and is a real barrier to an enjoyable and fulfilling sexual relationship. Fear and anxiety may even be preventing you allowing relationships to develop.

Help for male and female sexual dysfunction is available in an environment where you can speak openly and freely without fear of being judged or criticised. You don’t need to suffer in silence or grin and bear it, you can find a sexual confidence for a much more satisfying and fulfilling resolution through hypnotherapy.

Book your appointment online and take the first step on your journey to sexual freedom.

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