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Zoom/Skype Hypnosis Appointments

Zoom/Skype Hypnosis Appointments

Zoom/Skype hypnosis appointments are available if you’re self isolating or simply reducing your social contact. Arrange your hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom for therapeutic hypnosis without leaving home.

Book an appointment to access hypnotherapy without leaving home. Zoom or Skype sessions can be conducted at a time to suit you.

For a hypnotherapy session via Zoom or Skype you’ll need to ensure you have access to a webcam with a reliable internet connection. This can be via a phone, tablet or PC. For Skype, you’ll need a Skype account. Make sure you have a private and comfortable place for the duration of the session. Headphones or earbuds are also advisable.

To arrange Zoom/Skype hypnosis appointments, ring Jill on 07866 89909 to arrange.

help to reduce stress

Reducing Stress Help

Are you struggling to reduce stress in your life? Feeling the pressure? Hypnotherapy reducing stress help can be effective way of reducing and managing stress.

Short term stress can be unpleasant however we know it will pass. The consequences of long term stress seriously impact on health. It’s not always possible to change our environment or sources of stress. We can, however, change our reactions and responses to stressful situations, learning coping strategies for handling unavoidable stress. Make a change with hypnotherapy.

Contact Jill for hypnotherapy services to help to reduce stress and manage stress. Limited weekend and evening appointments available. Book your reducing stress help hypnotherapy with our easy online booking system.

hypnotherapy for change

Hypnotherapy for Change Ditch the Resolutions!

How did your New Year start, full of promises to be a fitter, healthier, leaner you? Have you already ditched your New Year resolutions? If so, you’re not alone! Less than 25% of New Year’s resolutions make it through to the end of January. Many of us wait until the New Year to make a resolution for change and often overindulge beforehand. Why wait until the New Year to make a commitment to change? If you’re serious about making a positive change in your life, take control with hypnotherapy for change.

We make New Year resolutions with a positive intention and want to move through the New Year to be our best selves. Making a bold positive statement won’t achieve your goal. To create positive change, we need to change our behaviour.  New Year’s resolutions can fail because new behaviours and healthier habits take time to embed.

If you want to make a positive change in your life, ditch the New Year resolutions and commit to positive change with hypnotherapy. Contact Jill Wilson for hypnotherapy for change and take back your control.

fear of flying help

Fear of Flying Help Hypnotherapy

Now Christmas is over we’re all seeing the holiday adverts. If you have a fear of flying, are scared to get on a plane, there is fear of flying help available. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome a fear of flying. Hypnotherapy is an effective way to help overcome your fear of flying.

Whether you have already booked a flight for this summer or don’t want to book a holiday abroad because the thought of getting on a plane fills you with dread…there is help for fear of flying.

You can overcome your fear of flying with hypnosis. Free yourself from fear and regain your control with hypnotherapy for flying phobia

Contact Jill Wilson hypnotherapist for help to overcome your fear of flying. Where will you go when you’re free from fear? Travel with confidence and calm with hypnosis.

Help for White Coat Syndrome

Help for White Coat Syndrome

Are you looking for help to overcome ‘white coat syndrome’? White coat syndrome is also known as white coat hypertension. Traditionally doctors used to wear white coats, although a white coat isn’t necessary for white coat hypertension to occur! Your blood pressure is not fixed and will change throughout the day depending on what you’re doing.  The white coat effect is a physical phenomenon where a person has a blood pressure level above the normal range when the reading is taken in a clinical setting by a medical professional. Blood pressure levels may be normal when the blood pressure is taken at home. Worrying about a visit to the doctor before a blood pressure reading can exacerbate the anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can help overcome the anxiety and anxious feelings experienced prior to  GP or hospital visit.  Contact Jill for help for white coat syndrome. Appointments can be booked online at your convenience.

freedom day anxiety

Freedom Day Anxiety

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Reopening Anxiety Help Hypnotherapy

Reopening Anxiety Help

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help for anxiety issues

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