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Help for White Coat Syndrome

Help for White Coat Syndrome

Are you looking for help to overcome ‘white coat syndrome’? White coat syndrome is also known as white coat hypertension. Traditionally doctors used to wear white coats, although a white coat isn’t necessary for white coat hypertension to occur! Your blood pressure is not fixed and will change throughout the day depending on what you’re doing.  The white coat effect is a physical phenomenon where a person has a blood pressure level above the normal range when the reading is taken in a clinical setting by a medical professional. Blood pressure levels may be normal when the blood pressure is taken at home. Worrying about a visit to the doctor before a blood pressure reading can exacerbate the anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can help overcome the anxiety and anxious feelings experienced prior to  GP or hospital visit.  Contact Jill for help for white coat syndrome. Appointments can be booked online at your convenience.

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