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white coat syndrome help

White Coat Syndrome Help

Are you struggling with raised blood pressure readings at your doctor’s surgery or hospital?  White coat syndrome help is available through hypnosis.

White coat hypertension (a term used if you have consistently high readings when in a medical setting) or as it’s more commonly known, white coat syndrome, this a physical phenomenon whereby a patient exhibits a blood pressure reading above the accepted normal range, within a clinical setting, though they won’t exhibit such a reading in other environments. This phenomenon can be the result of the anxiety prior to and during the appointment.

Your blood pressure will alter throughout the day and is not static throughout;  blood pressure increases and decreases throughout the day in response to what is going on around you and also, what you are doing. White coat hypertension is so called due to the white coats worn by doctors and the increase in blood pressure experienced when presented with a doctor or nurse ready to take your blood pressure reading. The majority of us will have a tendency to feel tenser in a medical room than we would in comfortable familiar surroundings, however, these changes may not even be noticed.

Some patients’ blood pressure is affected more than others by the white coat phenomena; when you are very anxious, your systolic blood pressure can increase by as much as 30mmHg, making difficult for a nurse or doctor to record an accurate measure of your blood pressure. White coat syndrome can have serious implications, blood pressure reading are routinely taken during annual health checks and could seriously impact upon whether medical procedures go ahead if you record an unexpectedly high blood pressure reading.

With hypnotherapy, there is white coat syndrome help available. If you feel anxious thinking about your next blood pressure reading contact Jill to make an appointment or to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you.


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