Hypnosis for Birth

jill-birthHypnosis and hypnotherapy can be used to prepare for and manage all types of labour and childbirth. Hypnotherapy teaches mums to be how to utilise hypnosis to prepare for birth and any birth related issues.

Hypnosis can be used by mothers wanting a natural birth and by those who do not want or cannot have a natural vaginal birth.

The benefits of using hypnosis for birth, include a gentle birth experience, either at home or in hospital, natural vaginal, induced or c-section. Hypnosis can be used to reduce anxiety during pregnancy and labour; increase self belief, tapping in to a mother’s own body’s natural birthing instincts and help address and resolve trauma from previous births.

For mums to be, it seems that almost everyone relishes telling a birthing story. Birth can be perceived as being a trial and we have lost touch with just how natural giving birth is, positive birth stories appear to be in short supply. Friends tell stories of days long labours, soaps portray characters in labour screaming and so it is unsurprising that many women have a fear of or are anxious about labour and childbirth.

wootWhen a mum to be is fearful, her body experiences the fight or flight response, blood is diverted away from the uterus and directed to the body’s defence systems and as a result the uterine muscles become oxygen deprived and the oxygen to the baby is limited. The uterine muscles constrict and the neck of the uterus constricts and tightens, forcing the baby’s head against a taut muscle, impeding the opening of the cervix, this in turn causes physical pain and labour is prolonged and may result in the need for medical intervention.

Using hypnosis for birth and labour helps a mum to be to relax and prepare herself for the birth, becoming more aware of her body and her own natural birthing intuition. Women that practise hypnosis during pregnancy to learn to manage their contractions by reframing emotive language such as labour pain to birthing sensations and using hypnotic pain management techniques.

Using hypnosis for birth is not just for natural birth, hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birth can help to prepare for an elective c-section or the possibility of an emergency c-section. By using hypnosis during your pregnancy, you feel in control and are aware of your body’s changes. Births do not always follow exactly what we had planned, using hypnosis for birth, you can prepare for the unexpected.

To discuss how hypnosis for birth and hypnosis for pregnancy can help you, contact Jill Wilson on 07866 089909 or email jill@jillwilsonhypnotherapy.co.uk.

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