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Sexual freedom hypnotherapy

Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapy

Valentine’s day can be a challenging time of year with expectations of intimacy and romance, sexual freedom hypnotherapy can help with male and female sexual issues.

Social media and advertising can put unrealistic pressures and expectations on relationships and individuals, often placing an increased pressure to perform. Despite the romantic hype and love hearts, Valentine’s day can, for some, be a stressful time. Perhaps it brings a focus to a lack of intimacy due to a sexual issue such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or vaginismus or lack of confidence. At least 40% of people experience sexual issues, two thirds of which are psychological. 

Sexual freedom hypnosis can help to free your mind from unconscious blocks to discover your sexual confidence and a satisfying sex life. Sexual freedom hypnotherapy helps people to deal with their sexual issues in a caring, compassionate and non-judgemental environment.

This Valentine’s Day, forget the hype and free your mind with sexual freedom hypnotherapy.

Christmas Hypnotherapy Services

Christmas Hypnotherapy Services

The festive season can be challenging for a number of reasons and our Christmas hypnotherapy services are available on selected days during the festive period.

We have limited appointments available on the 27th and 28th December. Our usual opening times and availability will resume on the 2nd January.

Appointments can be booked online for in person hypnotherapy sessions.


fear of flying hypnosis

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

It was lovely to hear from two fear of flying hypnosis clients last week, both had undertaken two transatlantic flights last month after sessions of hypnotherapy for fear of flying. Both clients reported a stress  and anxiety free flights. One client said, “Just wanted to tell you we are back from holiday and I survived 2 x 9 hour flights and 2 x 1 hour flights! No anxiety, no tears and very little stress. Thank you for helping me achieve this – I couldn’t have done it without you!”

For help to overcome a flying phobia or flight related anxiety, hypnotherapy for flight anxiety can help you remain calm and in control.

Contact Jill Wilson with 15 years hypnosis experience for fear of flying hypnosis and free yourself from fear with hypnotherapy.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis can support weight loss, helping to break bad habits and food associations. Weight gain and weight loss are hot topics in the media at the moment, from weight loss jabs to the dangers of ultra processed foods.

Being over weight can be detrimental to our health and well being. For some people, using weight loss injections may result in a loss of weight however the lost weight can be rapidly regained when the weight loss injections stop. In addition, many people experience unpleasant side effects from the weight loss injections such as tiredness, gastrointestinal issues such as constipation or diarrhoea, bloating and nausea. Weight loss hypnosis helps to break old habits and associations, to create new healthier habits which are sustainable in the long term. Hypnotherapy can support weight loss goals with or without weight loss injections, helping to make positive changes and choices.

Make positive changes for good with weight loss hypnosis with Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson. Limited weekend and evening appointments available, book online for weight loss hypnotherapy in West Yorkshire.


Stop Vaping Hypnotherapy

Stop Vaping with Hypnotherapy

Do you want to stop vaping with hypnotherapy? Many people have over the last few years been encouraged to use vaping as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, effectively trading one habit for another.

The problem for many people with vaping is that they use their vape more than they smoked. It can be difficult to gauge vape usage and it is extremely easy to over indulge without realising.  Vapes have become an insidious presence of every day life and the true long term health implications are not fully known. Touted as a safer smoking alternative, there are already research papers outlining the damage caused by vaping.

Hypnotherapy can help break the vaping habit, stopping vaping and stopping smoking. Regain your choice and control and free yourself from tyranny of vaping with hypnosis. Hypnosis is a gentle and effective therapy helping people change their behaviours and habits. Let go and release your unwanted habit with hypnotherapy and embrace feeling better about yourself and your health.

Contact me for an appointment for stop vaping hypnotherapy, break the habit and feel good.



Sexual freedom hypnotherapy

Sexual Freedom Hypnotherapy

Valentine’s day can be a challenging time of year with expectations of intimacy and romance, sexual freedom hypnotherapy …

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