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good mental health hypnosis

Good Mental Health Hypnosis

We don’t always consider our mental health as being equally important as our physical health and we can neglect our mental health which has a crucial role to our overall sense of well being.

Taking care of ourselves physically and keeping in good physical health, we might become more active, joining a gym; eating a healthier diet; taking action when our blood pressure is high. This is just one part of being in good health and if we don’t take care of our mental well being, we may notice physical problems, emotional issues or just that it is more difficult to cope.

Many situations and experiences can impact upon our good mental health: relationships, work pressure,depression, anxiety, stress.

Sometimes it is impossible to eradicate stress from life, the pressure of deadlines or just the nature of the job and then we need to be able to cope with stress so that it doesn’t negatively impact upon our health.

Taking care of your health can make all the difference.

Poor quality of sleep or lack of sleep through insomnia has a negative impact on our body, getting good quality sleep is important to enable the body to maintain its functions. Hypnotherapy can help with sleep problems, if you’re suffering from insomnia, hypnosis can help you to rebalance yourself and return to healthy sleep habits.

Make time for yourself, it is important to schedule time just for you whether it’s a hobby you enjoy or doing something relaxing.

There is no doubt that we can let our reaction to other people affect us, however, we can’t change other people but we can change how we react to other people. Recognising things we have no control over and can’t change and taking action for the things we can change.

Exercise and being active can lift your mood and release those feel good feelings.

It can be uncomfortable to say “no” when we’re asked to do something and it’s ok to say “no” if we don’t want to do something. The momentary discomfort from saying “no” passes, instead of allowing feelings of resentment to build when we’ve felt pressured to say “yes” to something we didn’t want to do.

Whether you want to enjoy sometime to simply relax in hypnosis or to work on your self confidence issues and be able to say “no” to those unreasonable demands, hypnosis can help. Contact West Yorkshire hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson and book your appointment, making time for your good mental health with good mental health hypnosis.

fear of flying help

Fear of Flying Help

Do you have a fear of flying, are you already feeling anxious at the thought of booking a holiday? If you’re struggling to think how you’ll cope at the airport and whether you will make it on to the plane, fear of flying help is available with West Yorkshire hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson.

You might have already booked your summer holiday and instead of looking forward to a break in the sun, are you dreading the drive to the airport? Are you unable to relax in the Duty Free, worried about boarding the plane? Are you someone who has refused to board a plane in the past and perhaps you felt embarrassed as your party’s luggage had to be removed from the hold. Or have you struggled to cope with your fear for your partner’s or family’s sake? The relief of safely touching down at your destination is quickly overshadowed by the overwhelming thoughts that you will soon be flying back home. For many people with a fear of flying, even if they do manage to get on a plane, their enjoyment of their holiday is dramatically overshadowed by the overwhelming thoughts regarding the return flight home.

There is fear of flying help with hypnotherapy available now. For many people with a fear of flying, they are aware that their fear has impacted on their holiday choices and probably has an impact up on the whole family.

You don’t have to let fear of flying control you and control the choices you make. Take the first step to regaining your control with fear of flying help from Jill Wilson, West Yorkshire hypnotherapist. Offering flexible appointments and weekend appointments, book online for your fear of flying session or call or text Jill on 07866 089909 to make your appointment for fear of flying help.

Can you imagine where you would go when you’re free from fear of flying?


white coat syndrome help

White Coat Syndrome Help

Are you struggling with raised blood pressure readings at your doctor’s surgery or hospital?  White coat syndrome help is available through hypnosis.

White coat hypertension (a term used if you have consistently high readings when in a medical setting) or as it’s more commonly known, white coat syndrome, this a physical phenomenon whereby a patient exhibits a blood pressure reading above the accepted normal range, within a clinical setting, though they won’t exhibit such a reading in other environments. This phenomenon can be the result of the anxiety prior to and during the appointment.

Your blood pressure will alter throughout the day and is not static throughout;  blood pressure increases and decreases throughout the day in response to what is going on around you and also, what you are doing. White coat hypertension is so called due to the white coats worn by doctors and the increase in blood pressure experienced when presented with a doctor or nurse ready to take your blood pressure reading. The majority of us will have a tendency to feel tenser in a medical room than we would in comfortable familiar surroundings, however, these changes may not even be noticed.

Some patients’ blood pressure is affected more than others by the white coat phenomena; when you are very anxious, your systolic blood pressure can increase by as much as 30mmHg, making difficult for a nurse or doctor to record an accurate measure of your blood pressure. White coat syndrome can have serious implications, blood pressure reading are routinely taken during annual health checks and could seriously impact upon whether medical procedures go ahead if you record an unexpectedly high blood pressure reading.

With hypnotherapy, there is white coat syndrome help available. If you feel anxious thinking about your next blood pressure reading contact Jill to make an appointment or to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you.


hypnotherapy christmas appointments

Hypnotherapy Christmas Appointments

West Yorkshire hypnotherapy Christmas appointments available in Brighouse this festive season.

We are open as usual up to and including the 23rd December and then will be closed until the 27th December when normal service resumes until the 30th December.

We will re-open in the New Year on the 2nd January.

Appointments can be made over the phone, by email or if you prefer, simply select and book your appointment online.

Anxiety Help Hypnotherapy

Anxiety Help with Hypnotherapy

From time to time, anxiety is something that we all have to deal with. The festive period can exacerbate feelings of worry and anxiety with all the pressure to provide the perfect Christmas, managing everyone’s expectations and demands! With hypnotherapy, there is anxiety help available to help you regain your calm and control.

Indeed, a certain amount of anxiety may even be necessary now and then, in order to keep us on our toes and ensure we do our very best.

Anxiety is, in fact, a natural part of living and within limits is nothing to be worried about; sometimes it can add to our performance, keeping us on our toes so to speak and the majority of us can cope with manageable or average levels of anxiety, able to lead healthy, balanced lives.

An increase in the frequency and intensity of anxiety can feeling overwhelming and could progress to become a general anxiety disorder. When we are anxious, we worry and we find it virtually impossible to control this troubling worry when we have an anxiety disorder. Excessive worrying can be debilitating and physically and emotionally draining.

Excessive worry leading to anxiety might be classed as a ‘disorder’ when coupled with at least 3 of the following anxiety symptoms:

Feeling tired and physically worn out
Feeling tense
Increased irritability
Difficulty concentrating or keeping focus
Sleep quality affected – difficulties falling asleep or feeling tired on awaking
Nervous restlessness, feeling ‘on edge’

The anxiety symptoms and panic attack symptoms all exist for a reason; they’re the unconscious mind’s way of letting us know that something needs our attention.Anxious, panicky feelings are in fact only the symptoms and whilst they can make us feel awful, these feelings are not the ‘problem’. The anxiety symptoms experienced overlay the real problem and once this has been uncovered and dealt with, the symptoms can quite simply fade away as there is no longer anything driving them.

1 in 6 adults suffer from feelings of anxiety; panicky feelings filling you with dread, according to the U.K. Office of national Statistics. If you’re suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, you don’t have to suffer in silence, you can do something about it with anxiety help hypnotherapy.

If you would like to regain control of your life, learning how to relieve and reduce your anxiety with hypnosis, make an appointment for hypnotherapy to reduce and relieve anxiety and take the first step to regaining your control.

Schedule and book your appointment online.

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