Hypnosis for Insomnia

Hypnosis for Sleep

The pressures of work and modern living can have implications and a very real impact on our ability to sleep well, with many of us suffering from insomnia and the unpleasant effects of suffering from a of  lack of sleep.

Experiencing the symptoms of insomnia, or suffering from chronic sleep deprivation? More than half of us experience symptoms of insomnia and problems with sleep it is estimated. After a good  natural sleep, we’re able to function well, underlining the importance of quality, restorative sleep and the negative and destructive impact that a prolonged lack of sleep causes. There is help for insomnia sufferers, you can improve your sleep patterns and have a better night’s sleep with hypnosis for insomnia. Sleep hypnotherapy can help you overcome the effects of chronic sleep deprivation and enjoy good sleep patterns again.

What is Insomnia?

At some point, most of us have lain in bed, unable to sleep, watching the passing of each hour, mentally counting down the available sleep time until the alarm clock rings only to drop off to sleep just before it’s time to get up, dreading the sound of the alarm clock

We know that it’s important that we get a good night’s sleep and yet we still lie wide awake unable to drop into a deep natural sleep, worrisome thoughts about the past or the future racing through our mind. As the time to get up approaches, anxious feelings increase, knowing that we will have to get up and go to work and try to function normally. On a daily basis we need to rest thoroughly through sleep to replenish our energy for mind, body and spirit. When we don’t get enough sleep, we can become run down and susceptible to illness and infections, feeling anxious, lacking in concentration, tired and worn out, negative.

Hypnosis for Insomnia

Insomnia hypnosis can help with the other insomnia symptom which can include include an unwanted weight gain and an increased level of  in stress hormones which affect the brain, impacting negatively on how we feel and function. The unwanted weight gain happens due to insomnia state elevating the hormone ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”) increasing feelings of hunger whilst reducing appetite suppressing hormone Peptide YY. This results in a pattern  of eating more, over compensating for the lack of sleep with cravings for sugary “quick energy hit” foods. Cortisol, a hormone that has a complex interaction within the body, is also released at times of stress and a lack of sleep or getting too little sleep elevates cortisol levels within the body.

Insomnia or a difficulty in sleeping can be the result of many things and uncovering and dealing with the cause is the first step to restoring natural, restful sleep. If you’re want a natural solution to insomnia and sleepless nights, hypnosis for insomnia can help you return to restorative sleep enabling you to wake with an alert and focused mind.hypnosis for sleeplessness
You will also learn how to hypnotize yourself and, once in hypnosis, how to use a powerful technique in order to move from hypnosis into a natural restorative sleep.

You don’t have to spend your nights lying awake due to sleeplessness and insomnia, you can make a change with hypnotherapy for insomnia, so that you can, again, fall deeply asleep and awake recharged and refreshed.

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