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hypnosis for phobias

Hypnosis for Phobias

The beast from the east seems to be making itself felt tonight and people suffering from chionophobia, hypnosis for phobias could help you overcome a fear of snow. Chionophobia is catergorised as a natural environment phobia, of which there are many. Common phobias and fears of the natural environment include a fear of wind and a fear of thunderstorms.

Chionophobia more than simply a dislike of snow or worrying about warnings of severe weather, typically, its an irrational which is linked to a fear of suffering physical harm or death as a result of snow. As with all phobias, chionophobia will manifest differently in each sufferer.

Phobias can cause a variety of symptoms in sufferers can include experiencing feelings of anxiety, experiencing panic attacks, feelings of dread. As we are all individuals, how we experience a phobic experience will be individual to us.

If you’re suffering from a phobic response and want help, hypnosis for phobias can help you to overcome your phobia with hypnotherapy. When you suffer from a phobia, even the thought of the phobic stimulus can cause feeling of panic and anxiety. Hypnotherapy is effective for overcoming a phobic response, you can take positive action to overcome your phobia with hypnosis with West Yorkshire hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson, with appointments to suit you and convenient online booking so that you check availability online.

Make your appointment for hypnosis for phobias, you can discuss how you feel without judgement, if it bothers you and is causing you discomfort, we’re here to help.


help for dental phobia

Help for Dental Phobia

Today is World Oral Health Day and if you want to overcome a fear of the dentist and need help for dental phobia, hypnosis can help you overcome your dental fears.

Do you dread dental appointments? Feeling anxious when you think about visiting the dentist? Have you been putting off a dental check-up? Are you avoiding treatment?

If you’d like to rid yourself of your dental phobias and feel comfortable and confident during dental treatment and check-ups, with hypnosis, there is help for dental phobia.

Do you need dental treatment but are you frightened by the thought of a visit to the dentist? Overcome your fear of the dentist with hypnotherapy.

Conquer your fear of the dentist with hypnosis and you can book your dental check-up and dental treatment without fear.

We offer early morning  and evening appointments during the week and weekend appointments are also available.

Conquer your fear and contact Jill for dental phobia hypnosis.


help for dental phobia

Hypnosis for Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia and Hypnosis

Last week it was time for my 6 monthly dental check up, a thought that can reduce dental phobics to tears. The appointment was later in the day, so I was able to work as usual, unconcerned about the visit to the dentist. Arriving before the appointment time, the time passed quickly in the waiting room and then it was mine and my son’s turn to see the dentist. My son has accompanied me from a young age to the dentist and very is relaxed about his check ups, he hasn’t learn to be scared of the dentist or seen a negative reaction from me. Both our checkups over and a date set for our next check up.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the experience of a person with a dental phobia, the feeling of panic which feels like it can’t be controlled, can start days before the appointment is due, resulting perhaps in even cancelling the appointment and re-scheduling for another day. Does the thought of dental treatment, sending you into a spin?  If you’re on the merry-go-round of panic because of a dental phobia, need dental treatment but just don’t feel able to cope with a trip to the dentist, why not step off with hypnosis for dental phobia? Using hypnosis for dental phobia, you will learn ways to remain calm and cope with dental check ups and treatment.

If you’re feeling panicky, dreading that impending trip to the dentist, contact Jill Wilson for hypnosis for dental phobia in Brighouse.

Dental phobia – are you afraid to go to the dentist?

Dental Phobia – Are you afraid to go to the dentist?

What is stopping you from smiling?

Do you have a dental phobia? Is your phobia of the dentist stopping you from seeking the dental treatment you need? Do you dread going to the dentist? Are you suffering from toothache but are too frightened to go and see your dentist?

If the mere thought of going to the dentist makes you feel panicky, help is available; hypnotherapy is an effective phobia treatment and hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your fear of the dentist or dental treatment.

There are lots of reasons why people don’t go to the dentist, however, with hypnosis you can overcome your fear of the dentist and you can treat your fear of the dentist with hypnotherapy to overcome your dental phobia.

With hypnosis, you can safely face and overcome your phobia of the dentist so that you can feel unconcerned about check ups and treatment; giving you a reason to smile and feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair.




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