Hypnosis for Fertility

Fertility Hypnosis

nurtureTrying to get pregnant can be stressful and worrying time, whether it is natural or an assisted conception. There is an natural assumption that getting pregnant should happen when we decide that we are ready, however, there are many factors that can influence both male and female fertility.

Both male and female fertility can be adversely affected by stress; the pituitary gland controls sexual and reproductive functions. Stress hormones such as corticosteroids, adrenaline and noradrenaline have complex effect on the body and also can affect the hormones released by the pituitary gland. Stress can lead to a disruption of the secretion of the hormones controlled and regulated by the pituitary gland. Disruption of the pituitary’s function can result in a loss of sexual desire in both males and females, erectile problems in males; in females, the menstrual cycle can become disrupted. The unpleasant physical symptoms of stress, increase the feelings of stress, which perpetuate the symptoms and effects of stress.

Being told to ‘relax and let things happen naturally’ adds to the pressure of wanting to be pregnant and it can feel although our body has let us down. Hypnotherapy can help couples to relax and allow Nature to take its course, releasing the feelings of anxiety and pressure of trying for a baby. Hypnosis for fertility reduces the body’s stress and anxiety responses, returning the body to its natural rhythm.

Hypnosis for fertility helps to relieve and reduce the anxiety of not being able to get pregnant without medical assistance. Wanting a baby and not being able to become pregnant causes feelings of hurt, deep upset and sometime blame. The assisted conception process in itself can be extremely stressful, early morning scans, injections, egg retrieval, embryo implantation and the financial cost. Using hypnosis for IVF or assisted conception can reduce the levels of anxiety and stress experienced, making the IVF process easier to deal with.

Hypnotherapy for fertility can help you to reduce your feelings of anxiety and stress, teaching you relaxation techniques and allowing you to reconnect  with your own body.

Contact Jill to discuss how hypnosis for fertility and hypnosis for IVF treatment can help you on 07866 089909 or jill@jillwilsonhypnotherapy.co.uk to arrange an appointment.

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