Hypnosis for fear of needles and injections

Hypnosis for fear of needles and injections

Do you dread having to have an injection or blood being taken? Does just thinking about a needle make you feeling anxious and light-headed?

For more about phobias and phobic reactions go to Hypnosis for phobias .

Do you have a needle phobia? Hypnosis can help you to deal with and overcome your phobia of needles and injections so that you can remain calm and unaffected when you need to provide a blood sample or have an injection.

Contact Jill, a West Yorkshire based Hypnotherapist, on 07866 089909 or by email jill@jillwilsonhypnotherapy.co.uk to discuss how hypnosis for needle phobias can help you deal with your fear of needles and injections.

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