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Fertility Hypnotherapy

Fertility Hypnotherapy

The NHS state that one in seven couples trying to conceive may experience difficulties, fertility hypnotherapy can help couples struggling to get pregnant. The chances of getting pregnant naturally reduce to one in four, for couples who have been trying to become pregnant for over 3 years without success.

Trying to conceive in itself can be stressful which in turn can create a loop of stress and pressure. The release of stress and anxiety hormones can prove to be detrimental to fertility. A gentle alternative therapy to manage stress and anxiety levels when trying to conceive is hypnotherapy, reducing stress reduces stress hormones.

There are many reasons why a couple can struggle to conceive, not all causes are physiological. Even after physiological fertility conditions has been identified and treated, psychological factors such as stress and anxiety can impact on fertility.

The anxiety and stress cause the release of hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The release of cortisol and adrenaline by the body due to stress can impact on the hormones needed for conception. Stress hormones impact on both male and female fertility. In males, high levels stress reduce the levels of the hormone testosterone and can affect the quality of semen.

Hypnosis for fertility helps both men and women feel calmer and relaxed. When we feel centred and calm, we feel more in control, reducing the feelings of anxiety and stress. Our brains produce endorphins when we’re relaxed. Endorphins help to restore the body’s hormone balance. Hypnotherapy can help to identify conscious and unconscious issues which may be contributing to the difficulty to conceive. Issues such as negative self talk, anxiety and excessive worrisome thoughts can be overcome.

Fertility hypnotherapy can help overcome limiting beliefs, reduce your stress and anxiety on your journey to conceive. Appointments are available both face to face and online with an experienced clinical hypnotherapist. You can read about my own fertility journey on my website.

Fertility Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Fertility – Reduce your Anxiety Levels

Hypnosis for Fertility – are you anxious about the time it is taking to get pregnant?

As a woman who struggled with fertility, I know it can be stressful trying to conceive naturally or with assisted conception.

The average age for a woman having her first child in the UK is now 32 says new statistics from the Office of National Statistics. As women choose to delay starting a family for a variety of reasons, there’s can be a nagging worry that time is running out. Women are constantly told that our reproductive fertility dramatically reduces as we enter our 30s. The quality and egg reserve reducing as we age. This narrative adds to the pressure and stress of trying to get pregnant. For many women it is an accepted fact that fertility reduces with age and the pressure to become pregnant creates a vicious circle of anxiety which in turn can affect fertility.

Many years ago I read an interesting piece on fertility and age which questions the truth that we’ve been told about the rapid decline of a woman’s fertility over 30. A piece from the BBC highlighted that the data given about the decline in fertility for women over 25 was based on a French study from the 1700s. Hardly contemporaneous! NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) now recognizes that the chance of conceiving at the age of 40 is in fact higher than credited in a 2004 report.

Being told that your fertility is declining at a rapid rate can affect your fertility by increasing the worry and stress about getting pregnant. Hypnotherapy is effective in reducing and managing stress and anxiety when trying for a baby. Reduce levels of anxiety and stress in both men and women with Hypnosis for fertility , relaxing and helping nature take it’s natural course.



Male Fertility Hypnosis

Male Fertility Hypnosis

Smoking is known to compromise sperm health. Stop smoking with male fertility hypnosis.

Smoking compromises male fertility, stopping smoking will improve your reproductive health. Undergoing fertility treatment is both financially and emotional challenging.  Male smokers have both decreased sperm concentration and decreased sperm motility. There are also fewer healthier shaped sperm and increased DNA fragmentation. A reduced sperm count and reduced motility may compound other fertility issues. In addition, this also leads to issues with fertilization and the development of the embryo and implantation. The DNA fragmentation within the sperm results in increased rates of miscarriage.

Male smokers usually have a 23% reduction in sperm concentration when compared to non-smokers. The encouraging and positive news is that stopping smoking will improve your sperm health. If you’re a smoker undergoing IVF or fertility treatment, you can improve the quality of your sperm with male fertility hypnosis. Contact Jill to book a stopping smoking hypnotherapy appointment.


IVF Support Hypnosis

IVF Support Hypnosis

The IVF process can be a stressful time and experience, IVF support hypnosis can help to reduce stress experienced during IVF.

When struggling with fertility issues, we can easily feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Infertility is a deeply personal struggle that many women experience and feel unsupported or unable to share. Hypnotherapy is an effective way to reduce the stress associated with IVF and fertility issues. In addition, hypnotherapy can support women as they progress through their IVF journey. During IVF, women experience both emotional and physical challenges, hypnotherapy can help women manage both. Reconnect with your body with hypnosis and learn how to reduce your anxiety and stress.

Jill is a hypnotherapist who has not only worked with many IVF clients but experienced IVF personally.

Contact experienced hypnotherapist Jill Wilson for IVF support hypnosis.

Fertility Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Stress and it’s effect on fertility

Here’s an article highlighting the problems stress wreaks on our bodies and for some  women, stress doubles the risk of infertility. We live in a pressured world and stress can sometimes feel to be ever present, looming deadlines and expectations to meet.

Hypnotherapy for fertility helps to reduce your body’s stress and anxiety responses, helping your body to return to it’s natural rhythm and reducing anxiety.

Contact Jill.

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Fertility Hypnotherapy

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