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good mental health hypnosis

Good Mental Health Hypnosis

We don’t always consider our mental health as being equally important as our physical health and we can neglect our mental health which has a crucial role to our overall sense of well being.

Taking care of ourselves physically and keeping in good physical health, we might become more active, joining a gym; eating a healthier diet; taking action when our blood pressure is high. This is just one part of being in good health and if we don’t take care of our mental well being, we may notice physical problems, emotional issues or just that it is more difficult to cope.

Many situations and experiences can impact upon our good mental health: relationships, work pressure,depression, anxiety, stress.

Sometimes it is impossible to eradicate stress from life, the pressure of deadlines or just the nature of the job and then we need to be able to cope with stress so that it doesn’t negatively impact upon our health.

Taking care of your health can make all the difference.

Poor quality of sleep or lack of sleep through insomnia has a negative impact on our body, getting good quality sleep is important to enable the body to maintain its functions. Hypnotherapy can help with sleep problems, if you’re suffering from insomnia, hypnosis can help you to rebalance yourself and return to healthy sleep habits.

Make time for yourself, it is important to schedule time just for you whether it’s a hobby you enjoy or doing something relaxing.

There is no doubt that we can let our reaction to other people affect us, however, we can’t change other people but we can change how we react to other people. Recognising things we have no control over and can’t change and taking action for the things we can change.

Exercise and being active can lift your mood and release those feel good feelings.

It can be uncomfortable to say “no” when we’re asked to do something and it’s ok to say “no” if we don’t want to do something. The momentary discomfort from saying “no” passes, instead of allowing feelings of resentment to build when we’ve felt pressured to say “yes” to something we didn’t want to do.

Whether you want to enjoy sometime to simply relax in hypnosis or to work on your self confidence issues and be able to say “no” to those unreasonable demands, hypnosis can help. Contact West Yorkshire hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson and book your appointment, making time for your good mental health with good mental health hypnosis.

good mental health hypnosis

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Hypnosis

Does it feel that stress is just part of modern living, constant pressure and deadlines? You can reduce stress and anxiety with hypnosis.

Excessive or debilitating stress can cause physical symptoms, emotional and behavioral responses.

You may experience:

  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Low self-esteem
  • Problems with concentration
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling on edge
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Aches and pains
  • Upset stomach
  • Loss of energy
  • Palpitations

Stress can lead to serious medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We all respond to stress differently, some people thrive upon stress situations whilst others struggle to cope with the pressure that living with stress brings.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful and natural way to reduce stress. With stress busting hypnosis, you get to the root of what’s causing your stress and how you respond to it. With stress reducing hypnotherapy, you change the way you respond to stress and you’re helped with techniques that help you to deal with the physical and emotional stressors in your life.

You may not be able to remove stress from your life, but you can change how you respond to stress. With stress busting hypnosis, you’re back in control.

Contact West Yorkshire based clinical hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson to book your appointment for stress busting hypnosis. Weekend and evening appointments are available for stress management hypnosis.


good mental health hypnosis

Help Reduce Stress

Identifying the cause of your stress is the first step to managing your stress levels to help reduce stress whether it’s caused by work pressure or other issues.

When you’re feeling the pressure and feeling stressed out, it can be tempting to turn to something unhealthy to help you cope to help reduce stress, such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

What you can do to help reduce stress:

Being active

Introducing exercise into your routine is a good way clear your thoughts, allowing you to process your thoughts more calmly.

Take control

Being passive will not help reduce stress, taking control is empowering and enables you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Connect with people

Spending time with friends, relaxing and laughing is an enjoyable way to relieve stress. Reconnect with your friend ‘support’ network.

Have some ‘me time’

Working long hours can mean that we don’t spend our time doing the the things we really enjoy, make time for yourself to enjoy quality ‘me time’.

Avoid unhealthy habits

Avoid relying upon on alcohol, smoking and caffeine as coping strategies. In the short term, these are temporary ‘crutches’ which will not resolve your issues and may create new ones.

Work smarter, not harder

Prioritising your work, concentrating on the tasks that will make a real impact is one way of working smarter.

Accept the things you can’t change

Sometimes we can’t change a difficult situation that we may be in, instead try to focus and concentrate on the things that you do have control over.

Take time to relax

When we’re feeling the pressure, it can be difficult to switch off and to relax. With hypnosis, you can relax and let go. If you feeling the pressure of stress and need help to relax, contact Jill to make an appointment to help reduce stress with hypnotherapy.



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Feeling Stressed?

Are you feeling stressed?

Are you one of the many people feeling stressed and under pressure at the moment? Can you remember when you last felt truly relaxed? The pace of modern living, long hours spent at work with deadlines frequently looming all adds to our everyday stresses and pressures. There are times when it can all feel overwhelming, becoming trapped in a cycle of stress. With hypnotherapy, you can let go of your tension and stress and feel relaxed.

Do you like to feel relaxed, sleep well at night? Hypnotherapy could help you to learn new ways of relaxing and managing the pressure of life or provide you with a time of stress free relaxation. With clients reporting “feeling wonderful” and “blissed” after a hypnotherapy session.

We can taking time out to get a manicure or for a gym session, so it makes perfect sense for you to make time for your emotional well being when you’re feeling stressed or under pressure.

Contact Jill to book an appointment and allow yourself to be deeply relaxed with hypnosis by an experience hypnotherapist in West Yorkshire.

We have evening and weekend appointments available by prior arrangement and can usually accommodate most appointment requests.



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Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Stress and it’s effect on fertility

Here’s an article highlighting the problems stress wreaks on our bodies and for some  women, stress doubles the risk of infertility. We live in a pressured world and stress can sometimes feel to be ever present, looming deadlines and expectations to meet.

Hypnotherapy for fertility helps to reduce your body’s stress and anxiety responses, helping your body to return to it’s natural rhythm and reducing anxiety.

Contact Jill.



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