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Zoom/Skype Hypnosis Appointments

Zoom/Skype Hypnosis Appointments

Zoom/Skype hypnosis appointments are available if you’re self isolating or simply reducing your social contact. Arrange your hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom for therapeutic hypnosis without leaving home.

Book an appointment to access hypnotherapy without leaving home. Zoom or Skype sessions can be conducted at a time to suit you.

For a hypnotherapy session via Zoom or Skype you’ll need to ensure you have access to a webcam with a reliable internet connection. This can be via a phone, tablet or PC. For Skype, you’ll need a Skype account. Make sure you have a private and comfortable place for the duration of the session. Headphones or earbuds are also advisable.

To arrange Zoom/Skype hypnosis appointments, ring Jill on 07866 89909 to arrange.

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