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hypnotherapy christmas appointments

Hypnotherapy Christmas Appointments

West Yorkshire hypnotherapy Christmas appointments available in Brighouse this festive season.

We are open as usual up to and including the 23rd December and then will be closed until the 27th December when normal service resumes until the 30th December.

We will re-open in the New Year on the 2nd January.

Appointments can be made over the phone, by email or if you prefer, simply select and book your appointment online.

Reopening Anxiety Help Hypnotherapy

Anxiety Help with Hypnotherapy

From time to time, anxiety is something that we all have to deal with. The festive period can exacerbate feelings of worry and anxiety with all the pressure to provide the perfect Christmas, managing everyone’s expectations and demands! With hypnotherapy, there is anxiety help available to help you regain your calm and control.

Indeed, a certain amount of anxiety may even be necessary now and then, in order to keep us on our toes and ensure we do our very best.

Anxiety is, in fact, a natural part of living and within limits is nothing to be worried about; sometimes it can add to our performance, keeping us on our toes so to speak and the majority of us can cope with manageable or average levels of anxiety, able to lead healthy, balanced lives.

An increase in the frequency and intensity of anxiety can feeling overwhelming and could progress to become a general anxiety disorder. When we are anxious, we worry and we find it virtually impossible to control this troubling worry when we have an anxiety disorder. Excessive worrying can be debilitating and physically and emotionally draining.

Excessive worry leading to anxiety might be classed as a ‘disorder’ when coupled with at least 3 of the following anxiety symptoms:

Feeling tired and physically worn out
Feeling tense
Increased irritability
Difficulty concentrating or keeping focus
Sleep quality affected – difficulties falling asleep or feeling tired on awaking
Nervous restlessness, feeling ‘on edge’

The anxiety symptoms and panic attack symptoms all exist for a reason; they’re the unconscious mind’s way of letting us know that something needs our attention.Anxious, panicky feelings are in fact only the symptoms and whilst they can make us feel awful, these feelings are not the ‘problem’. The anxiety symptoms experienced overlay the real problem and once this has been uncovered and dealt with, the symptoms can quite simply fade away as there is no longer anything driving them.

1 in 6 adults suffer from feelings of anxiety; panicky feelings filling you with dread, according to the U.K. Office of national Statistics. If you’re suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, you don’t have to suffer in silence, you can do something about it with anxiety help hypnotherapy.

If you would like to regain control of your life, learning how to relieve and reduce your anxiety with hypnosis, make an appointment for hypnotherapy to reduce and relieve anxiety and take the first step to regaining your control.

Schedule and book your appointment online.

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West Yorkshire hypnotherapist

West Yorkshire Hypnotherapist Appointments

Jill Wilson, West Yorkshire Hypnotherapist updated clinic hours now online.

In response to demand, we now offer early appointments from 07.30a.m. and evening appointments are available until 8.30p.m most evenings.

Weekend appointments are available on Saturdays and Sundays if required.

Clinic hours.

Contact West Yorkshire hypnotherapist, Jill Wilson to make your appointment for hypnotherapy.

help for anxiety issues

Feeling Stressed?

Are you feeling stressed?

Are you one of the many people feeling stressed and under pressure at the moment? Can you remember when you last felt truly relaxed? The pace of modern living, long hours spent at work with deadlines frequently looming all adds to our everyday stresses and pressures. There are times when it can all feel overwhelming, becoming trapped in a cycle of stress. With hypnotherapy, you can let go of your tension and stress and feel relaxed.

Do you like to feel relaxed, sleep well at night? Hypnotherapy could help you to learn new ways of relaxing and managing the pressure of life or provide you with a time of stress free relaxation. With clients reporting “feeling wonderful” and “blissed” after a hypnotherapy session.

We can taking time out to get a manicure or for a gym session, so it makes perfect sense for you to make time for your emotional well being when you’re feeling stressed or under pressure.

Contact Jill to book an appointment and allow yourself to be deeply relaxed with hypnosis by an experience hypnotherapist in West Yorkshire.

We have evening and weekend appointments available by prior arrangement and can usually accommodate most appointment requests.



stop smoking hypnosis

Stopping Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Stopping Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Do you want to stop smoking and to be a non-smoker? With hypnotherapy you can break free of your smoking habit to be the non-smoker you want to be. There is no dispute that nicotine is addictive but as a smoker, you probably have a smoking routine; certain things you do that always require a cigarette. For some people a cigarette means some down time, a break; others it can be chatting on the phone. Whatever your smoking habit, stopping smoking with hypnotherapy can help you to break with your habit and become a non-smoker.

There are different options available to help you stop smoking. Not everyone can tolerate Champix, patches can be expensive and there are new articles highlighting the health issues associated with using e-cigarettes.

Break free of your smoking habit, make a new healthier choice with hypnotherapy for stopping smoking. For judgement free help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy, contact Jill to make appointment on 07866 089909.


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